Real Results Party = Real Tired

The week of the party snuck up on me like the rest of my days since becoming a mama. I made mistake number one, I blinked. Prior to the party, I began by planting the seeds with those in my local network and then I ordered personalized invitations from Vista Print. If I was going to promote a product I felt that it needed to have my own personalized style in the sharing process.


It garnered great interest and I began the prep work. After creating the invites, completing my Brand Partner training, and having multiple preparatory conversations with my Nerium support family, I was ready… or so I thought. Below is a depiction of the day including a “highlights” video from the party.

4am – Wake up let out puppies…

5am – Shower and get myself ready for my day job.

6am – Wake up my daughter who gave me the, “What in God’s green earth are you waking me up at this hour for?!?” face.

6:30am – Daycare drop off (I don’t think she was even awake yet, even after a diaper change, bottle, and mommy’s sweat dripping on her from my version of a morning workout called “Morning Melt-down.”

7am – Arrive at my HR job – spreadsheets, phone calls, resumes, interruptions, etc.

12pm – Work through lunch… (I think I shoveled buffalo chicken dip down my throat).

1pm-3pm – No rest for the wicked…then sprint out to my car after putting in my eight hours.

3:15pm – Nap-time…

3:16pm – …Wishful thinking and run to the store to pick up the party supplies.

3:30pm – Start shoving all the toys, bottles, expired coupons, etc. into the miscellaneous room, along with any other signs that my parents’ dwelling is currently overrun by a working mom, a high energy toddler, and two, nine week old pups.

4pm – Mother picks up daughter from daycare – God bless her. – Side note, my daughter contracted yet another virus on top of blisters on her bum, and runny nose. We kept her home for two sick days between my mother and myself. Four medications later and the added stress of a sick toddler, we are still surviving.

5ishpm (Is this still the same day?) – Bathe my baby and get her bedtime ready for Pawpa, and then hop in the shower and get myself party ready.

6pm – Setup the spread and all the awesome information about Nerium.

6:30om – PARTY Time… Watch the highlight video below!


Please tune in tomorrow for the low-down on the research and information that led me down the Nerium path!!

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