An Argument for a Pyramid

Pyramids need a solid foundation. If related to Direct Marketing companies, the ones such as Avon, Mary Kay, and now Nerium International build that foundation on a valued product. Nerium Skincare has taken it a step further and put their efforts into providing third-party clinical trials that actually prove their results.

The corporate org charts are nothing more than multiple pyramids grouped in one organization. If MLM businesses and Corporate America are structured the same, then why is one trusted over the other?

When we think of a corporation we think of an established business that we inherently trust. This trust, comes from billions of dollars these corporations put into their marketing efforts each year via “feel-good” commercials, press releases, and multiple other strategic marketing efforts directed at their targeted market. For example, Coca Cola is a beloved American staple. Their current slogan is “Movement is Coca Cola” and their secondary slogan, “Movement is Happiness.” Wait… so I will be happy if I move and drink Coca Cola?!?! One might say, “Caffeine dehydrates me, movement dehydrates me, therefore I’ll be happy if I buy a coke, move, and become dehydrated?”

Soooo glad someone explained that to me. Time to go find my name on a coke bottle. This is truth in advertising at it’s finest, and what big corporations spend their profit on so we as consumers will buy more. MLM’s use the advertising money and invest in their “sponsors, coaches, brand partners, etc.”

Now back to my original point. Why do we trust massive corporations who have spent billions+ dollars to make me think I want their product/service over my neighbor or friend who believes in the product they are selling so much that they want to share it with me?

These questions and many more are what began my research into joining Nerium International Skincare as a Brand Partner. What I ultimately decided was that I want to supplement my income, gain more control over how I spend my time, finances, and life selling a product with proof of delivery backing up their slogan “Give us a year, we will give you back 10.”

 (The freeze frame is soooo flattering)

Below is the link of where you can begin to learn about Nerium International. I truly believe that any endeavor should be thoroughly researched and if you have any questions or would like more information, please connect with me via comment, message, or follow my blog OR you can find me on Facebook and Twitter. God Bless.

I have always been skeptical of Direct Marketing sales, but the more research I did, the more I realized that if done correctly, it could be life changing.

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