Why I HATE direct marketers…

It seems these days all of our social media feeds  are swamped with multi-level marketing promotions. Anyone else sick of this or is it just me? Without further ado, here are my top 10 reasons why I despise MLM’s, Direct Marketing Sales, Network marketing or whatever other fancy title they want to give themselves.  My personal favorite is Pyramid Scheme…

1. Let’s start with the number one offenders. The stay at home moms, single moms and military personnel. Stay at home moms in their yoga pants want me to buy their product while they leisurely lounge on the couch all day watching TV with their rugrats running around unsupervised. The nerve. Don’t let me even get started on the single moms group. They are working to provide for their offspring and on top of bringing more children into a world overrun with fatherless and/or deadbeat dads, they ALSO want me to support their life-style choices. Then we have the military and their spouses… legal, lethally trained neanderthals who actually protect my right to write this post. Again, the NERVE!

2. What happened to the good old fashion local small business owner. I support small business owners, even though over half of all small business owners fall into the home-based category; I don’t support that majority. Furthermore, simply because I love to shop at Target, doesn’t mean I wouldn’t prefer to go to multiple stores to support my local business owner. I just can’t seem to find them…

You want to make a living MLM’s? You should save your money, buy or rent a space, and own your own business. It’s that simple. Just because MLM’s and home-based businesses are classified as small business owners doesn’t give them the right to sell me their product.

3. C’mon Man… it’s a scam. Simply because the top 10 MLM’s have a combined revenue of 43 billion (yes, that is billion with a B) doesn’t mean they are trustworthy. Look at banking, healthcare, and government… now those industries scream integrity.


4. Ok, ok… there are a few products I buy from MLM’s, but that doesn’t mean I could make a living off of selling it. I have a family to provide for, I need security. It doesn’t matter that most states are “at will employment” and any day my boss could come in and fire me. I feel very secure.

5. Addressing the “network” marketing part of it, I am just not a people person. Interestingly enough, ask any HR professional what is the most common statement made in interviews and they will most likely answer, “I’m a people person.” Go on, ask away! While I am at it, I’ll just say it, “I hate people, so there.”

6. Besides, all Pyramid Schemes are just based on the bottom guys getting the top guys richer and richer. I’ve looked at corporate organization structures with secure companies, and it has no bearing that the structures look strangely similar, especially come bonus time and merit time.


  (Stock photo of an example of a corporation org chart)


(Example of an MLM org chart/comp plan… Weird)

7. I need work/life balance. All industries are onboard with this concept (thank you Google), I don’t need to spend my time working from home, having business meetings with or without my offspring. I enjoy having my day structured around a set 8 hours regardless of having a sick child at home, at a sporting event solo, or any other activity that occasionally occurs during these eight hours.

8. Furthermore, I love giving half of my paycheck to the government. It’s going to a good cause after all. I’m not bitter for a minute that MLM’s enjoy the same write-offs as any other small business owner for their operating expenses.

9. There are 7.2 billion people in the world, why do they have to bother me (their friend and/or family member) Grrrrr. It doesn’t make a difference to me that according to ABC news 80% of today’s jobs opportunities are obtained by networking.

10. Finally, there is no money left in MLM’s for an average Joe like me. I’m sure the market forecasters are as full of it as the weather forecasters with there, “Oh U.S. direct sales totaled $31.6 billion in 2012, up 5.9 percent from $29.87 billion in 2011, and growing.” Puh-leeze here we go with that billion again. Not even going to note that the two largest players are wellness and beauty products, shocker.

IMG_2214Phew… glad I got this off my chest. If you are interested in hearing more of why I am beyond skeptical of MLM’s click here to learn about why I actually LOVE my choice of small business.

Thank you for reading. All comments are welcome.

All statistics are supported via the following:





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