A Love Letter: Dear Baron…

Dearest Baron,

I would like to use the cliché and say, “You had me at hello”; however, we both know this isn’t the case. I watched you and your movements from afar for what seemed like an eternity, willing myself to get up the courage to approach you. You saw me, our eyes made contact, and then you carried on. Foolishly, I believed I could continue to creep up slowly and go unnoticed. Just when I had mustered up the courage to give you a cool, collected greeting, you beat me to the punch.

You all but ran toward me with a smile that filled your eyes, and gave me a much warmer greeting than I had planned. You saw through me instantly. The look on your face was one of perplexity that changed to compassion, and then back to warmth. I knew, you knew. You saw every blemish, every breath of self-doubt, and you still wanted me around.

“He likes me, he actually, really likes me?!” Your smile is contagious. It leaped from you to me, and I lit up. Unfortunately, before I could really relish in your warmth, the familiar voice tamed the inner flame. “Why do you need his approval? You are likable!! Why do your need outside validation?? What is wrong with you?!”

<Sigh> So we both agreed, I am likable. You gave me my space and I yours. We did this dance until I couldn’t stay away any longer. You had me under your trance with your strong presence, beautiful mane, and warm aura. This time I approached you, consciously allowing myself the permission to feel vulnerable. You tolerated my awkwardness at beginning conversation, and exhibited great patience while my confidence grew.

I knew that day you had been what I was looking for. It wasn’t until the end of our soirée that I realized the full effect your unconditional love would have on me. As I was about to leave you looked me in the eyes, gave me a little kiss and said, “My dear, you are only a little bent, but definitely not broken.”

This simple gesture was a gift given to me from above. It wasn’t until I saw the reflection of myself through your eyes that I realized I still hold my power. It never left me. I am not broken. The path to healing has been and will always be residing in me.

You saw in me what I had thought life experiences and relationships had taken from me long ago. For this you will always be my angel, who gave me peace with a simple gaze.

Until we meet again.

With love,



2 thoughts on “A Love Letter: Dear Baron…

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