The Great, Good, and *gasp* Lonely

Previously I had mentioned that I am extremely content with my status as single mom, and off the dating market by choice. Here is the article about my desire to not share my life right now.

That said, even though I am superhuman as a single mom, the human part does creep out at times, and I do get lonely. We are social beings. Companionship and intimacy are important.

The following are the most common occurrences when the song, “All by myself, don’t want to be all by myself…” kicks in.

Bridget Jones Gif

  1. Traveling long distances with my toddler in tow.poop-in-the-car-seat-meme
  2. Any time I cook. I don’t like to, and I don’t want to!kitchen
  3. When my toddler does something really cute and I am the only one to witness it.Did you see
  4. Taking out the trash. This feminist still likes the idea of it being a “man’s job.”Trash
  5. Someone to talk to… My toddler isn’t the best listener yet.earmuffs-o
  6. Watching movies and laughing by myself. It is sort of the same feeling as three.laugh
  7. Hanging out with married’s. That is IF they will hang out with me.scarlet-letter_

I am under no delusion that the grass is greener on the other side, but these are the times when I consider the perks of having a true partner.

Then I remember that I just don’t have the time for that in my life. I admire my daughter, puppies, lovely home I am creating for them, and I feel at peace.

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