We Were Never Really Friends

Dear Direct Sales Mommies… Please Stop!Not Everyone

I see you. Mostly on Facebook, but I also sought you out on Blogs, Instagram, and such. You are “peddling” your products, and pushing them on your family and friends. My question is, HOW do you sleep at night?

After the personal development and positive messages you read with your chosen organization, I would assume pretty well.

I see you. You are the moms who dare to dream. If you are younger than 45, you were more than likely told from our pioneering, well-intentioned feminist mothers that you could in fact have it all.

Lies, all lies (at least in the corporate, traditional workplace setting.)

I see you. You are wrestling with your little cherubs, working your derriere off molding them into suitable human beings; yet your derriere still somehow grows.

Damn age and metabolism. If nature were kind, we would see a reverse correlation between the latter.

I see you. You are stay-at-home moms with multiples. You are full-time working moms staring at looming future expenses. You are the single moms, the military moms, and the mom’s next door who found camaraderie with your Jamberry, Shakeology, Scentsy loving crews. You are the mom who is looking for something that is yours and yours alone – without sacrificing time away from your never-ending motherhood duties.

THIS JUST IN: Motherhood is a life sentence

With this in mind I want you to know: I see you. Now please stop.

Please stop being offended if someone doesn’t understand Direct Sales. Give them the information, and move on. Not everyone understands what every founder involved in Corporate America understands, “If you aren’t busy building your own dreams, then you will be busy building someone else’s.”

Please stop worrying when someone accuses you of treating your friends and family members like “prospects.” It is safe to assume they do not have a business and/or sales expertise to understand that any starter business gets off the ground by only a few people (often close friends or relatives) who see value in the service or product they are offering.

Please stop. Just breathe. If you don’t have any hater’s then you aren’t doing something right. The naysayers will make you stronger, they will thicken your skin, and if you stay your course, they will give you the tools to catapult you to the next level. Remember how many “No’s” it took Col. Sanders of KFC to get his break. (1,009 to be exact).

Please stop trying to convince people who would rather complain about their lives, judge others, and remain stuck. I get it. I have a servant heart, and I want to help (aka “fix”) everyone. Just remember “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink” – and this is a good thing. If everyone drank the water then the opportunity wouldn’t be as great.

With this said, I kindly ask you to please stop. Please stop caring if people hate you for inviting them to a party, stop caring if they block you on Facebook, stop caring if people think you are crazy, and please (for the love of God) NEVER stop going after your dreams.

With the utmost love and respect,

Direct Selling Single Mama

*Response for the DS Mom’s who were offended by one Scary Mommy. We were probably never friends to begin with.

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